Last year the building that Ebb Tide Gift Shop had operated out of for 39 years, was sold. The Museum Board agreed to re-locate the Ebb Tide Gift Shop inside The Museum.  A formal Concession Agreement was drawn up and signed by all parties.

The Museum Board wants its members to know that among the many benefits of this union, first and foremost is that The Museum is now available to the public whether there is a volunteer at the desk or not.  Since its inception The Museum has relied on volunteers to operate the front desk.  These volunteers are terrific and deeply appreciated.  However, the volunteers are largely winter/second home owners who reside on the island for temporary parts of the year.  Now with Ebb Tide being located inside The Museum, Debbie Patterson/Lucille Russell are here every day.  From December 2013-May 2014 the Museum was open a total of 146 days:  87 by volunteers, 59 by Debbie/Lucille.   They are also providing free onsite caretaking and have assisted with issues such as the water pump and the generator.  This combined with the monies Ebb Tide pays in rent and utilities, has created a real Win-Win for both parties!