In 1954 the Lighthouse tower was damaged by lightning and the structure was cracked.  The British Imperial Lighthouse Service sent three engineers from England to repair the Lighthouse.  These men (Mr. Branch, Mr. Barrett, and Mr. Rathmore) stayed at the home of Mr. Ben P. Malone, his house still stands and is located right next to The Hope Town Harbour Lodge.

   Mr. Ben’s grandson, Godfrey Thomas, who has donated the 4’ scale model, says his Grandfather told him stories of how he and the engineers would sit together in the evenings, and work on the model.  After, the repairs were made, the Lighthouse became much thicker, to strengthen the tower, they poured concentric rings of concrete from the bottom to the top.  One can imagine that making the scale model contributed to the great success of this repair.  Thank you Godfrey Thomas!