Press Release from the Wyannie Malone Museum in Hope Town

Merger with Ebb Tide Gifts Pays off!

The Museum Board is so very pleased and excited to share good news!  The merger with the Ebb Tide Gift Shop has paid off to the tune of $14,948.66!  Half of this increase due to the 174% increase in admissions, the other half from rent and utility payments.  Admissions collected for the year 2013 totaled $4,292.00 in 2014 admissions = $11,778.00, an increase of $7,486.00.  The Museum was open 254 days.  

We are ever grateful to the volunteers who opened the Museum’s front door for 142 of those days.  Debbie and Lucille who work in Ebb Tide opened the Museum 112 days. They are not paid by the Museum they donate their time as part of the merger arrangement.  If we were to pay someone to sit at the desk on the days we don’t have a volunteer this would have cost us a minimum of $5,644.80 in 2014.  Also in 2014, the Museum Board hired Deb “Dp” Patterson to work as a part-time Secretary/Curator.  Her mandate is to get the Museum on a firm financial footing.  Projects completed last year include the accounting work going into Quick Books and being passed to a Chartered accountant.  An appraisal of the building/property is in the works.  This is the second Newsletter Deb has been able to put together.  She also opened a new pirate exhibit at Thanksgiving that drew the attention of the local paper.  A brand new website and facebook page, have also attracted new publicity.  As, a result of having a Secretary/Curator present, the Museum has attracted two new partnerships:  The first, with Mike Niemi and the Abaco Heritage Trust and the second with Jerry Carter who found a bell from a wreck on the beach behind Hope Town.  See stories on the other side of this page.  If you love Hope Town and would like to help the Museum in pursuit of these projects please consider becoming a member or sending in a donation.   We thank you for your support.

Profit and Loss Statement January 1, 2104—December 31, 2014

Income   Expenses  
Admissions/Sales:  $13,950.41 Daily Operational Costs: $4,495.13  
Donations: $4,604.06 Building Maintenance: $10,846.13
Membership: $2,326.50 Exhibits $216.36
Ebb Tide: $7,862.66 Curator Salary: $8,691.25
Cash: Sub-Total. $28,743.63 Special Events: $920.00
Ebb Tide Vol. Labour $5,644.80 Utilities: $11,797.52
Total Income: $34,388.43 Total Expense: $36,966.39
    Net loss: $2,577.96

 This is un-audited information, The Museum’s accounts are currently being audited by Ronald Knowles, Chartered Accountant, a full report will be in our next Newsletter.