Recent Events

Twenty-three students of the Hope Town Primary School competed in an essay contest entitled How did my family get to Hope Town.  Winnders received a certificate and copy of Steve Dodge's book, A History of Abaco.  All Participants received a museum t-shirt.  Each essay can be read below:

     Last November, our Curator, Dp Patterson hosted a meeting with Jeremy Sweeting, Chief Councilor for the Hope Town District and Mike Niemi, a long time winter resident in Man-O-War.  The topic of discussion was in regard to a new boat building monument being planned for the settlement of Man-O-War Cay.  In further discussions, Mike Niemi, a retired IBM Computer Technology developer and analyst, presented the Museum Board with a proposal to consider participating in a new website called the Abaco Heritage Trust.  

     This January the Museum was contacted by two different people looking for information on wrecks in the Bahamas.  Jerry Carter wrote to us wondering if we had a list of the wrecks that occurred off Hope Town, as he found a bell on the beach behind Hope Town with a name and date on it.  Before his recent retirement, Jerry worked as a technical expert witness and investigator in the arts and over the last 30 years his investigations have resulted in many astounding findings which he thoroughly documented and wrote extensive reports for law firms and insurance companies for court room use.